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Itshot jewelry –Building Value and Trust Among its Customers
over 1 year ago

For most of the common buyers, it is hard to test the authenticity of a jewelry item by just looking at it. Trust is the most vital aspect when it comes to buying jewelry. Here is how people behind Itshot jewelry, the renowned jewelry store in NYC, have been building value and trust in the market since 2004.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee


It is rare to see any jewelry business offering this type of flexibility. Actually, it takes courage and commitment towards customer service excellence, and Itshot jewelry does not mind going the extra mile to keep its customers happy. You can exercise this right to seek a replacement or full refund in case you feel dissatisfied with the purchase.


Exclusive Collection


The NYC-based jewelry business has a vast collection of designer necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings. They make fashion accessories for every purpose and occasion – everyday use, engagement, wedding, etc.




The Itshot jewelry collection fits into every budget. You can browse items in 10k, 14k, 18k Gold, or Platinum. It helps eligible buyers with financing and layaway options. If that is not enough, the Itshot store provides free ground shipping within the continental USA on all orders above $150 as well.


Custom Jewelry


Upload the design images along with your budget, metal type, size, and weight preferences on the custom jewelry page. Its experts will review the order, provide a blueprint, and after your approval, make it as per your satisfaction.


Customer Satisfaction


From taking an order to last-mile delivery to post-sales services, the store makes sure to deliver you the best customer experience. It sells authentic products and provides a Certificate with Value Appraisal for Jewelry items sold for $500. The certificate has key product information like weight, materials, quality assurance like carat weight, and market price. This also ends the Itshot.com fake gold jewelry rumor


Pure Metal


Itshot store does not offer faux jewelry items by electroplating cheap metallic surfaces with expensive ones like gold. The only difference is the quality of gold from 14k to 18 k or so on. Thus, Itshot.com fake gold jewelry rumors hold no ground, and there is hardly any room for Itshot store complaints.


Fastest Resolution


Even if there are any queries, the staff takes Itshot store complaints seriously and provides quick resolution. You can always visit the physical store or get in touch with its store via their website, phone, or email.


Safe Shipping


Sell expensive jewelry items online, and then shipping the order safely to customers is a big responsibility. Itshot jewelry is one of the pioneers in the field and leads by example. It has collaborated with top-deliver agencies like FedEx and USPS to ensure safe and fast delivery. The store cares to deliver the ordered items in an attractive silver velvet bag or jewelry box. Some selected items come in distinctive ItsHot.com lacquered wooden or metal boxes. The delivery professional asks for the customer’s signature after delivery to get away with the chances of wrong delivery.


Summary: Rome was not built in a day. You might have heard it often. Itshot jewelry is a real-world testimony to it. The unswerving determination of making the best products and doing the right things has made Itshot store an undisputed leader in the jewelry marketplace.

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